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Better nutrition for students
More revenue for schools
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We partner with our school communities to design programs focused on meeting their individual needs and achieving their food service goals.
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We realize nutrition is more than just a buzzword. Our students enjoy balanced and nutritious meal options.
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Our programs eliminate the financial burden and reduce the administrative responsibilities associated with operating a meal program while generating revenues for our school communities.
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Our Mission:
"To provide our children the best 30 minutes of their day"

Serving Line Kids

SLA Management is a Florida based foodservice management company dedicated to providing high quality, nutritious, and cost efficient meal programs to the academic community.

Founded in 2002, SLA Management provides complete school food service management to private, charter and district schools currently in 8 states throughout the country.

We are a Boutique

Our meal programs are custom designed with the input of school leadership to meet the needs and goals of the schools and communities we serve.

We use the highest quality, fresh ingredients in virtually all of our multiple scratch prepared daily menu offerings. This includes daily offerings of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, as well as complete A la Carte programs. Our daily meal offerings are diverse, including regionally relevant staples.

More About SLA

Nutrition is Vital

Nutrition is a vital component of SLA's program

  • All SLA offerings meet and exceed National School Lunch Program (NSLP) compliance guidelines. We have an experienced and highly respected NSLP compliance team dedicated to oversee and manage ongoing regulatory compliance for our school families.
  • SLA Management is engaged in every community we serve, striving to help our children build healthy eating habits.
  • Our Build-A-Meal™ program allows students to choose from a variety of entrées and healthy side selections on a daily basis.
  • Throughout the year, in-Café promotions celebrate important social or educational events and serve as an opportunity to partner with our schools on initiatives that are most important to them.
  • Our Harvest of the Month posts on each school’s custom Cafeteria Hub® feature information about fresh, regionally & seasonally available produce being served in our Cafés and includes recipes that can be tried at home.
  • SLA publishes a Parent Newsletter each month of the school year, directly connecting with our school families, to share everything from useful nutritional information to upcoming Café promotions.

More About Nutrition

Mission Statement: "To provide our children the best 30 minutes of their day"

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